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Finally; Kerry Blackshear's Decision

It's time to say goodbye to KBJ

The time has finally come. Kerry Blackshear has made his choice on where his final year of eligibility will be spent. Out of left field based off of recent reports, Blackshear has committed to play for the Florida Gators.

Recent reports indicated that the most talented transfer on the market was deciding between returning to Virginia Tech and joining Tennessee. Earlier this week, Kentucky was rumored to have fallen out of the mix for the graduate transfer. The commitment boosts Florida into the projected top 25.

As for Virginia Tech's future, it looks like it could be a trip to the NIT. Mike young was able to bring in some quality talent in Jalen Cone and other reclassified players. Obviously with Kerry leaving, there is a gaping whole at the center position. This is position that Tech has struggled with in the past. Coach Young brought in graduate transfer center Branden Johnson from Alabama State earlier this offseason. Johnson will most likely become the starter, but the question around him is, can he become a scoring option after he takes a significant jump in conference quality. The ACC is a huge step up from the SWAC, and he didn't exactly dominate ate Alabama State.

It looks like the 2019-'20 season will be a rebuild for the Hokies. At least football is shaping up to be an ACC contender.

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